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I live in Northumberland and write for theatre, screen and radio.

I've had many adventures in China, India and Nepal, where I’ve worked in a jungle hospital, cared for abandoned children in China’s orphanages, witnessed a Mumbai mafia shoot-out, nursed the dying and paraglided in the Himalayas.

Every person I met had a story to tell, (I LOVE stories!) and on late nights in wild places I made pen portraits as a reminder that I’d lived this life and heard these tales. Then I began turning them into scripts. My work for theatre has been presented at a variety of venues around the UK and at the Prague Fringe, where I was shortlisted for the Inspiration Award. 

I'm interested in multi-cultural stories and in exploring
the connections between us. My work has been described as passionate, poetic, engaging and ultimately hopeful.


Dramaturgy / Public Speaking / Project Management



2021 NORTH Northern Stage
2021 BAFTA Crew.
2020 BFI Network Early Development award.

2019/20 BAFTA Crew.

2019 BBC Northern Voices.

2019 Long listed for the Alfred Bradley Award for BBC Radio Drama

2018 Film Hub North/BFI Northern Exposure Film Lab.

2014 Finalist. Journal Culture Awards (playwright).


Mandala Street (Writer)
BFI Network Early Development funding awarded 2020.
Feature film set in Nepal.

Tiny Fragments of Beautiful Light (Writer)
Stage play/audio drama, in development.
Imagine living life as if you were invisible. This is how it is for
Elsa, whose life has never been boring, though it’s often been a struggle. A ninja at observation and camouflage, she’s made it to her late thirties but still doesn’t know who she is or why she never quite fits in. Perhaps it’s just the way she’s made. She’s quirky and kind and clever and funny, though there’s something “else” in play too, but she’s not sure what to call it, which is strange as words are never usually a problem for her.

The Confessional (Writer)

Commission by Rebel Muse Productions. A web thriller series exploring the roles guilt and shame play in our lives, and the ways in which they can be healthy and helpful versus toxic and harmful.



24 Hours In Isolation (Writer & Performer) Podcasts exploring responses to loneliness and isolation. Top 30, Apple Podcasts.

Object Permanence (Writer) Alphabetti Theatre, a play that considers the dynamics of the parent-child relationship.

The Sky Sings (Writer) Alphabetti Theatre, in collaboration with musician Claire Tustin, Working with a community choir, a dramatic monologue combining film,soundscapes and music, exploring how a connection to nature, (specifically the liminal tideline of a Northumbrian beach) can bring hope and healing.

Hag Stones (Writer) Commissioned for BBC Radio 3 exploring how imposed narratives can become small violences, constraining aspirations, and the redemptive power of names, lineage and language.

Women and Girls (Writer) Coracle, short play about the female experience.  Because enough is enough is enough is enough. Imagine a change, an end, a shift. Imagine a mark... a cross in a box.

The Devil Danced in Our Eyes (Writer) In collaboration with JonLuke McKie, ACE Funded theatre project combining the intimacy and immediacy of a singer/song writer gig with theatre, looking at sexuality, class and life as a young carer through soulful looped vocals and storytelling.

Into Thin Air (Writer) ACE funded Commission from Precious Cargo
Collective, exploring the increasing pressure on everyone to succeed at
everything, until ambition shifts from being a positive motivator to become the weight of expectation that prevents us living in and enjoying the present moment. The story was built through a devising process and is an ensemble piece, told through the lens of magical realism.

Weather To Fly (Writer) ACE funded theatre commission from OddManOut. A bittersweet story about family, love, friendship and longing, examining the difficulty of facing up to who you are when all you want is to disappear completely. A story about having the courage to speak up when everyone else stays silent.



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